SUP History, Experience Grows Knowledge

The Hawaiian definition of the word Kumu is “teacher”.  Although located in Portugal, Kumu Boards was born in Hawaii and grew through two decades of teaching SUP. Mostly to tourist from all over the world and learning over time what makes a great all-round paddleboard.

Living in Hawaii you also come to understand the major impact the Portuguese had on the Hawaiian island culture in many ways.  Most importantly by introducing the Ukulele (known as the machete), and became known as “Pukiki” to Hawaiians.

It is our goal to celebrate and share with the world the strong connection between Portuguese and Hawaiian cultures.

Kumu Boards is Born

Inspired by this connection, and with the goal of bringing paddle board culture to Portugal. We wanted to create accessible and affordable boards for the people. Our boards are carefully designed with the right balance between shape, functionality, and use of natural materials such as bamboo.

We offer paddle boards with a wide range of use for people who want options in a SUP. Having the average paddler in mind, each of our boards is designed to help you make the most of your time on the water. Whether you’re up for a paddle surf, flat water cruise, or a day of SUP Yoga,? Kumu has the all-around board for you without costing you a fortune.
Take a look at our SUP Shop and feel free to contact us for some advice of which would be the best board for you.